All Jersey Finds Success with Single Throw

Wall, NJ 02/24/16– All Jersey Systems hires Single Throw Digital Marketing to find digital customers. A leading Central Jersey mechanical, construction and complete home services provider, All Jersey needed help appealing to searchers at the specific points at which they were ready to choose a service provider. Single Throw Digital Marketing was selected to elevate All Jersey’s visibility among organic and paid business listings, but needed to place emphasis on the late stages of the digital buyer’s journey. Single Throw’s responsibility, therefore, included establishing consumer personas that mapped the paths searchers take when choosing an All Jersey-like services provider. Additional focus was also placed on ensuring that both All Jersey’s commercial and residential digital targets were pursued as well.

“Single Throw is a satisfaction-driven company, with an amazing group of employees,” said George Pavlonnis, President of All Jersey. “Since switching our internet marketing and PPC campaigns to Single Throw, our sales have increased month over month. I would highly recommend Single Throw to anyone looking to make an impact with digital marketing.”

Armed with pay-per-click and search engine optimization strategies that were equal parts smart and efficient, All Jersey Systems has been rewarded with coveted Google page 1 positioning for the phrases and conversations meaningful to their buyers at the late stages of the digital buying process.

“Gone is this crazy idea that a construction and electrical contracting company can’t use the power of digital to secure ideal buyers,” said Scott Dailey, Single Throw’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “George and his team deserve all the credit really. They had the vision to set us free on the problem and vision is all that’s really ever required of digital marketing. We’re thrilled that All Jersey is seeing the stratospheric growth they’re enjoying and it’s an honor to be a part of it.”

About Single Throw

Single Throw is an award-winning, digital marketing company founded by CEO and best-selling author Larry Bailin. Single Throw has partnered with national and globally recognized brands – including Laughing Cow, Acer Computers, Scholastic, Conair, Sara Lee, Maglite, DCH Auto Group, Kozy Shack, Endust and Harley-Davidson – to develop internet marketing strategies that achieve outstanding results and get customers. For more information about digital marketing services, visit Single Throw’s website or call 888.920.9778.

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