Our healthcare marketing services, whether digital or traditional, always account for themselves – highly measurable and laser-focused on return on investment.

Digital Healthcare Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Showing up is not success. Being found and being chosen are two very different things. Our SEO services focus on both – being in front of those that are best suited to engage with your brand and persuading those with need to choose you. From Search to Success®, our healthcare-focused SEO services leave nothing to chance.

Paid Search (SEM)

Paid search that goes beyond search. 94% of healthcare consumers start their journeys inside a search engine. Advanced SEM for healthcare requires better understanding of patient/customer need, journey, affinity, lifestyle, and more. There is no shortage of “words” to go after, but not every person typing in those words are of equal value to your brand. See how our certified paid search specialists create campaigns with advanced targeting and full digital ecosystem coverage.

Display Media

Why does awareness typically compete with winning new business? At Single Throw, we don’t believe it should. Every display campaign is designed to create an outcome. That outcome may start with awareness, but it will end with conversion. From geofencing, geotargeting, affinity targeting, and retargeting, there is no limit to who we can target, but the magic is in targeting the “why” – finding the perfect person at that perfect moment in time when it is 100% optimal to present your message.

Social Media Advertising

Social media likes are a metric that must be measured, but likes are not to be confused with the ultimate success metric – conversion. Targeting within social media platforms is robust and social engagement has a very high value. The average social media user spends over two hours per day on social platforms, and 25% of all social media posts are healthcare related. Healthcare marketing must include social components, and Single Throw’s social media advertising team has the expertise to properly connect your value with those who are best suited to engage with it.

Development & Support

A seasoned development team that looks beyond the aesthetics. Usability, UX/UI, customer journey, and conversion – these are the elements that drive our development strategies. Website development or mobile application development has unique requirements in the healthcare space. Usability is critical and understanding user needs is imperative when it comes to website development in healthcare. Our seasoned teams go from concept to launch and provide expert audit and support services for every project we develop.

Traditional Healthcare Marketing Services

Brand Development & Enhancement

Developing a brand in a digitally-connected culture must go beyond aesthetics and connect brand value to customer need with laser precision. Our brand specialists have the healthcare marketing brand development chops to align value in need, and executing an offline and online campaign that makes more than just an impression.

Creative Concept Development & Ideation

Masters of ideation and the development of creative concepts that deeply connect to today’s healthcare consumer. Our healthcare marketing teams work with your stakeholders to create ideas that turn into viable and brand enhancing campaigns a healthcare organization can be proud of and competitors will be jealous of.

Healthcare Marketing Consulting

Healthcare marketing consulting services dedicated to creating a verifiable marketing plan that allows healthcare organizations to account for the success of healthcare marketing dollars. Our consulting teams are skilled strategists and work with data, audit, and support teams to create a measurable, verifiable, and accountable healthcare marketing plan that never leaves you or your team wondering.

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